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Rug Cleaning Services in College Park, MD

Every homeowner loves a clean rug, but it is hard to keep a clean rug for long periods. This is especially so if you have kids and/or pets living in your home. From time to time you will need your rug professionally cleaned which is the sole reason rug cleaning services exist. If you are a College Park resident then you only need the best rug cleaning professionals in the area. In this case they happen to be UCM Carpet Cleaning College Park. We have years of cleaning experience and effective methods for all types of rugs.

Our Rug Cleaning Methods in College Park, MD

We don't just clean every rug the same way because every rug is different. For example we can't clean a Persian rug the same way we do synthetic rug cleaning. Different materials are used to make these rugs and therefore they require different cleaning methods. The cleaning method we use on your rug will also depend on how dirty your rug is. We use various rug cleaning methods which are as follows:

  1. Steam Cleaning: We use hot water extraction cleaning where this high pressured hot water is applied on the rug fibers and dissolves the dirt in the rug for easy removal. The rug is then rinsed and dried leaving it fresh.
  2. Deep Cleaning: Water and a cleaning agent are applied to the rug and thorough scrubbing by equipment is done followed by thorough rinsing. This is repeated as needed to ensure that the rug is very clean. Drying then comes next, which leaves the rug fresh and clean.

Why Use UCM Carpet Cleaning College Park Services

There are various reasons why you should use our service for your rug cleaning needs and they are as follows:

Our Prices Are Affordable

We have the friendliest prices in the College Park area. We will have all kinds of rugs, both commercial and residential, cleaned efficiently and affordably. Our professional cleaning cost is nothing to worry about.

We have The Best Cleaning Equipment

We have the best cleaning tools to get the job perfectly done. We use different equipment for different rugs and we must first do an assessment of your rug to see how best to clean it for great results.

We Are Professionals

Our staff members are well-trained to do the job perfectly and within the shortest time. They understand proper rug care and client satisfaction is always their first priority.

We Clean All Kinds Of Rugs

If you have any rug that needs cleaning, we are here. We clean rugs made from all kinds of material from silk, wool, synthetic and natural fibers. If you have area rugs, fringed rugs or oriental rugs, we will take care of them and leave them fresh and clean for your home.

Available At Short Notice

When there is an emergency spill, you can always call us. We will not only show up quickly but get the job done and leave zero evidence of a mess within the shortest time. Our customers' needs are always at the forefront of our service delivery processes.

Environment Friendly Cleaning

We are an environment-conscious rug cleaning service and we will always use non-toxic cleaning agents for cleaning. We will never use strong chemicals that can cause health problems for you and your family or end up in water catchment areas.

Rug Cleaning Process in College Park

Our rug cleaning process in College Park is intended to restore the appearance of your rugs. We start by looking for stains and spots on your rug. We remove loose dirt and debris from the surface with specialized equipment. Following that, we use a gentle cleaning solution to remove entrenched dirt and allergies from the fibers. We use innovative spot treatment procedures for tough stains. We properly dry your rug after cleaning to prevent shrinking or color leakage. Finally, we inspect your rug thoroughly to guarantee that it fulfills our high-quality requirements. Trust us to clean and restore the beauty of your rugs.

Having your rug professionally cleaned makes your home cleaner, warmer and inviting. To get the best of this service, call UCM Carpet Cleaning College Park and get a free estimate or book your rug cleaning appointment and get all your questions answered.

College Park Rug Cleaning
College Park Rug Cleaning
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Walfred did an amazing job on our carpet. He was able to get up some tough stains that I thought would never come out! I will definitely hire him again!
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